Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Dear all,

I would like to presend a small tutorial, how to make your own mobile. This time we will have a forest theme. So here we go:


The Base

a) string - I used gray and white one
b) sticks - I prefer those I can find near the river or the sea. They have really nice surface.
Remember: sticks should be without a bark
c) brush
d) acrylic paint - I've decided to use vivid blue with gray
e) sandpaper - if sticks are dirty, you'll need two kinds of sandpaper: one for cleaning and one for smoothing


a) embroidary thread
b) string
c) some kind of lace or ribbon for decorations
d) two feathers
e) beads
f) scissors
g) glue
h) needles - one for beading and one for string
i) tailor's chalk or tailor's pen
j) polyester filling
k) pompom (you can find for example here a nice tutorial how to make pompoms)
l) felt in few differnet colours - I used 1.5 mm thick
m) pattern of three trees, one sun and one bird

Let's start with felt:

1) decide which colour you'll choose for different pieces. Draw the pattern on felt (both sides of pattern) and cut it out.
Remember: you need to draw two circles, while preparing the sun

Also while cutting rays, try to cut off the lines made with chalk.

2) Then cut all elements. When you finish, you should have:

3) Preparing each element: I will show how to make it on one example of the tree. 

Sewing trees

a) choose some beads to decorate the tree crown:

b) then stitch them on one side with embroidary thread:

c) sew together tree legs and then sew it with the crown leaving some free space to put the filling:

d) finish sewing. The tree should look like this:

Do the same steps with other two trees:

Sewing the sun

a) put together two circles and rays between them. Use one thread:

b) leave some free space on both sides and put filling inside:

c) sew all together:

Sewing bird

To make a bird you'll need:

a) First prepare wings. Put a glue on the end of feathers and insert them to beads:

b) Use a needle for beading and stitch beads to both sides of bird in pleace where wings should be. Then glue the beak.

c) Then sew all together, putting the filling inside. Use some beads to make eyes. Finished bird should look like this:

In the end of your work you should have those pieces:

Preparing sticks

a) I mixed blue paint with grey one, to make it lighter. Paint sticks and let them dry.

b) take string and join sticks together:

After this part, add trees, bird and sun and whatever decorations you want. You make it by putting string (with the knot in the end) through the toy and connecting it with the string on the sticks:

In the end add string to hang the contruction on the wall. And voila, you just made your own mobile:))


Note: this tutorial is for private use only. Please do not use it for commercial purposes.


  1. świetny mobile..i DIY .. :)

  2. Dziękuję:) to mój pierwszy w życiu tutorial, więc nie wiedziałam, czy dam radę:)